A legacy of excellence in financial IT support

At Fulcrum, we’ve been the trusted IT partner for financial businesses since our founding in 1999. Our journey began supporting the UK’s first Long/Short Market-Neutral Hedge fund, tackling tasks from Exchange Server maintenance to staff training for c++ based genetic algorithms.

Proactive maintenance and swift support

Our proactive maintenance and monitoring services ward off potential system downtime or data loss, ensuring your IT infrastructure operates at optimal levels. Paired with our quick and efficient support, we ensure any issues are promptly addressed. With our firms guiding principle – you can be sure that once the issue is reported – you can get back to work knowing that we are hard at work resolving your concern.


Expertise in financial software support

UK financial firms rely heavily on specialist software for managing transactions, trading platforms, risk management, and portfolio management. We offer unparalleled support for common systems like Bloomberg and Fidessa, but our capabilities extend beyond maintenance. We can develop bespoke tools for your needs, such as takeover panel monitoring or data transformation utilities that seamlessly mediate between various data feeds.

Built-in business continuity and security

Our approach to business continuity eliminates the need for complicated backup and recovery solutions. By implementing cloud-based services and multi-layered security measures, we ensure your data remains safe and accessible, no matter the circumstances. Our policy-led approach embeds compliance into the services we deliver, ensuring you meet regulatory standards.

Personalised plans for distinctive firms

Every finance firm has its unique needs and challenges. We respect this diversity and offer personalised support plans to meet your specific requirements, whether you’re a growing start-up or an established hedge fund. From specialised financial software support to general IT assistance, we have the knowledge and expertise to help your firm succeed while maintaining compliance with UK financial regulations. Contact us today to find out how we can enhance your firm’s IT support.



What makes us perfect for the financial and legal sectors is just as applicable to other businesses. Our philosophy is that great companies need an equally great technology service – planned to be future-proof and secure…


The business benefits

  • Fast support response and resolution
  • Ownership if your technology issues through to fix or work-around
  •  Fulcrum One is a complete cyber security solution suitable for most small businesses
  • Fulcrum-led policy generation to give your company an evolving technology road map
  • Risk-based security policies to ensure your business understands its security posture and is ready to respond to threats


What should I do next?

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