Managed SOC service explained

Managed SOC service

What is a managed SOC service?

A Managed SOC is a 24×7 Monitoring service (Security Operation Centre) that collects information from a host of different sources and tries to build a picture of your company’s IT security status in real-time.

Some of the sources include: End-point computers (SIEM) ; Microsoft 365, Company Firewalls, Anti-virus software and Threat Hunting using Security feeds.

Why you need a managed SOC service

Computer networks are under constant attack and systems need continuous monitoring and action to help company’s stay ahead of the latest cyber threats. Whenever a threat is detected in real-time, action must quickly be taken to mitigate the risk and stop attackers taking control of your end-point computers or getting a foot-hold within your network. Where services are cloud-based (like Microsoft 365), persistent monitoring of these attack fronts is also needed to ensure your email, files and cloud hosted services are not compromised.

A Managed SOC service can do this on your behalf, monitoring multiple information sources (log) and reacting when such events point to a potential compromise. The SOC can notify us of any likely issues, confirm potential threats that could also be caused by user action and even disable endpoints and user accounts if they believe nefarious actions are occurring.

The Fulcrum IT SOC offering

We have partnered with an expert SOC provider to allow us to connect most of the products we provide – from Fortinet Firewalls through to Deep Instinct Endpoint Protection, Microsoft 365 and even your local end points to ensure your systems and services are properly protected, even when we aren’t looking. Knowing they are monitoring everything for you (and us) provides the best re-assurance that you are safely using technology within your company.

We act on every alert they send our way and ensure you know when a potential breach has been detected and blocked.