Email Security – AV, Spam and HAM

Fulcrum IT email security

What is email security and filtering?

An Email Security Services Provider scans your email for malware, phishing attempts, HAM and SPAM. You can get hourly or daily digests when messages are blocked – allowing you to decide if they should be delivered.

It also filters out unwanted emails by domain, user or IP address. As an additional benefit they can improve email Signature management and put in place email archiving for compliance or backup purposes.

Why you need email security and filtering

Email is one of the easiest targets for miscreants to attack your business. Its an open door into your computer (and your mind) through which you welcome everything.

Without a metaphorical bouncer at that door – you are highly likely to be bothered by nuisances such as SPAM (Unsolicited Commercial Email) and HAM (possibly useful commercial email) , threatened by malware or duped by Phishing attempts.

What Fulcrum IT can offer

Our preferred email security supplier blocks the vast majority of SPAM as well as viruses, other malware, HAM and phishing attacks. It can also add a Signature to your emails based on policies – picking up data from Azure AD and adding it to the message. Finally – it offers an alternative way to encrypt emails you send, where such security is required.

If you take the Enterprise level solution – it can also archive your inbound and outbound emails – for up to 7 years as standard as well as providing an email continuity service should you have any disruption from 365.